Free Adrian Peterson

NFL is really annoying me lately. Now Adrian Peterson has to be out of work for whoopin his child with a switch? I’m a southern boy. We all grew up that way. It’s not like it’s something new and we all always look back on it and laugh. That child must be pretty spoiled to have been taken to a doctor after being disciplined with love.

That man does not deserve to be put in the same category as domestic abuse athletes.

Domestic Violence does not equal JUST Ray Rice

Can I get on my soapbox for a minute? 

Ok people.  It’s obvious that there are some people who can’t be in a relationship without getting physical now and again.  That’s NEVER been me, but I have seen it in friends, and in celebrity/celebutard lives.  Many subconciously feel if their lover isn’t beating them, that they don’t really love them, because it is a form of heated passion.  IN THE CASE, (using my Stephen A Smith Voice), of Chris Brown and Rihanna, he whooped her ass, but I guarantee you she instigated it.  SHE WENT BACK to him.  If you don’t know, that means Rihanna is or was a hood bitch.  I don’t mean that in a mean way.  What I’m sayin’ people, is that if you suffer that kind of abuse, and go back, THAT MEANS you are okay with the possibility of that happening again, and possibly that you also had somethin’ to apologize about in the incident, AND in this case, as with many others, it was clearly not intimidation to go back because there are far too many folks, CLEARLY INCLUDING STRANGERS and who had her back and were all too eager to be in every next step of their business. 

Again, I don’t condone domestic violence. 

But, IN THE CASE of Ray Rice, the video clearly shows SHE instigated what multiple cameras saw. Then after that, SHE WENT BACK to him.  AND They got married!  CLEARLY, she was making, literally and otherwise, a statement that it was not only water under the bridge (Between them), but that Ray Rice is THE Man she wants to spend the rest of her days with in holy matrimony. 

"I don’t condone domestic violence, but if she ain’t trippin, I ain’t trippin… Let the man play" - Paul George, NBA All Star

Ok, so here’s My Main Point:  This is not some kind of NEW craze,  And it’s No More Prevalent in NFL, than it is in society-in-general. Once more, for good measure, I Do NOT condone domestic violence.  And even though men are genetically stronger than most women, women can hurt a man just as much, and in many cases, even more, especially emotionally.  If it is illegal for a man to retaliate, are we saying that in cases where a woman instigates physicality and is whaling on a man and throwing things, etc, that that man is supposed to just sit there and take it, or run away crying?  In many cases, if a woman senses she can hurt and control you like that, it incites even more malice and effort to humiliate.  Do you not know a woman who hits a man, is more than likely this kind of individual, as well?  This is NOT NEW.  I’m saying that if you are going to bring Ray Rice up on domestic abuse charges, and ruin his career, JUST to make a point? Fine.  But you for damn sure need to be bringing up the woman on charges for domestic abuse too, because domestic abuse is not gender exclusive. 

Now they clearly don’t want anyone in their business right now.  I can’t imagine how devastating this is for their family.  I think enough is enough, and our society and media are the one’s who need to check themselves.  Sportscenter right now is looking like local news stations that only want to talk about the negative in life, and the horrific tragedies.  I am watching SPORTScenter.  Can I PLEASE just watch some sports already?!   This thing has gone from being and issue where they BOTH should be brought up on chargers or seek counseling, to nothing more than hashtag trending-causing multiple people their job and career-family destroying-media loving-finger pointing-tv program hogging-and ANNOYING in our face even though I don’t care about that man’s personal business-Fiasco. 

#idontcondone  #idontcareaboutthatmansbusiness

Thanks bubba.  I’m flattered.  I do enjoy yours also!

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